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Bacon Fat

Bacon Fat is a three-piece rock 'n roll band, rooted deeply in the blues and drenched in a hard-rock/funk-soul/free-jazz sauce.  These guys make sure the 60ies and 70ies musical heritage will live on.  Whether you bang your head on hard-rock, trip away on psychedelic jazz or melt down for smooth howling bluesy guitars and funky beats, it is all there.

The band-name comes from an obscure hit of Andre Williams in 1957 called 'Bacon Fat'.  It fits the band in many ways one could say. 
As with most great performers the best chance for you to feel the vibes from this unique band is to watch Bacon Fat perform live on stage.  Having said that you know what to do!

  • W. Johnson : guitar, vocals
  • Neelzz : bass, backing vocals
  • Rico Gee : drums, percussion, backing vocals

Bacon Fat in het nieuws...

zondag, 17 januari 2016

Maak kennis met de vriendinnetjes van Bacon Fat en laat je (op eigen risico) meevoeren naar 'The Hot Chiquita' waar de clip bij Heartbreaker werd opgenomen... Klik hier voor de link. 

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